Bacon + The Spice of Life

… Or is bacon the spice of life?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but it certainly is here at our house. Now, I’m not a bacon superfan- I know, I know, I’m nuts- it’s just not high on my list of yum. I’m slowly learning how to cook it to the point of absolute perfection, and I’m using it a bit more these days, but I’m still on the fence about it. Kinda. Boyfriend found the most fantastical spice concoction EVER. Seriously. We use it whenever we get the chance. Probably have at least 4 bottles of it on hand at any given time. Spice cabinet, above the oven, out by the grill, and another in the spice cabinet.


That beauty right there. It. Is. So. Yummy. Chicken, steak, pork. Everything.

I’ve also been putting it in our veggies. Now, not all the time, but it’s extra yummy with corn. Also quick. Partially drain a can of corn, add a little bit of unsalted butter, and dash in the seasoning as you see fit. It’s delicious.

But now that I’ve gone on and on about my favorite seasoning, I’d like to know what y’all use! I’m looking for ideas on different spices and seasonings to try and all input is welcome!

Happy Monday!


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