Seriously though… Who doesn’t love pizza?

Pizza is a weekly thing in our house- no lie. We were doing Friday order-outs, but that stuff is expensive and WAY over-processed. So, we started experimenting.. Pillsbury has canned dough, and it’s really not that bad if you’re in a hurry. But it tastes too bready, if that even makes sense. Because of that, I’ve been curious about making my own. I think I found the perfect recipe, tweaked the way we like it.

This recipe, you will need:

  • 1 dry yeast packet (I found mine at Kroger- a 3 pack for less than $2)
  • 1/2 warm water
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2-3/4 cup all purpose flour (you’ll need a bit more than that to dust the surface of whatever you roll the dough on)
  • 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil (can be substituted with vegetable oil if you need)

Dealing with the yeast, and getting it to activate is the hardest part. And the smelliest. Active yeast smells nasty. Seriously.

Anywho, get a cup- I used a solo cup – and pour your warm water in it. Now, you don’t want it too hot because you can kill the yeast and you don’t want it too cool because it won’t activate. Make sure it’s on the warmer side of warm (it took me three tries to get one batch to activate). Pour the yeast and the sugar in there, stirring to make sure it’s mixed. Go ahead and set it aside and let it do it’s thang for about 15 minutes. It’ll bubble and rise a bit in the cup. And stink. Ew.

While the yeast is getting started, get a mixing bowl and add your flour and salt- make sure they’re mixed pretty well. Next part is fun… well, if you’re me it is. You know how you make a little well in your mashed taters for gravy? Do this with the flour/salt mixture. I used my fingers because it seemed like the fun thing to do. Wound up getting flour everywhere but it was worth it. In another bowl that you’re going to use to let the dough rise, add a tiny bit of oil to it and coat the bowl so the dough doesn’t stick. Set that aside for now. Go ahead and dust the surface that you’re going to knead the dough on.

Once that’s all done, and the yeast is ready (if it doesn’t rise, start again, kiddo), pour the oil and yeast into the flour and mix it all up. Now, the original recipe I found wanted two tablespoons of EVOO, but that was WAY too sticky. Adding flour was only going to make the dough thicker and I really didn’t want that. My pizza came out thicker than the boyfriend’s because I followed the recipe to a T by using two tablespoons  and I couldn’t pick up the dough without it sliding and tearing. But the beauty of homemade is that you get to try and make it how you want. So if you want to use two, then use two!

If you need, mix it all up with your fingers- take off rings because it will stick. As soon as it’s all mixed up, plop the dough onto that surface with the flour. Knead it, but not too much so you don’t make the dough all tough.

From there, roll it into a ball and place it in that oiled bowl and cover with saran wrap. I let mine rise for about 90 minutes so that it nearly doubled in size. Kinda cool to watch, really.

Next part was fun. We took our griddle and got it nice and hot on the stove as soon as the dough was ready. You’ll need to spread the dough back out on the counter/surface that you’re using and get it into the shape that you want and then place it on a pan/griddle or even toss it in the oven (350 degress) to get it to bake a bit.


And from there, you get to dress it how you want! We spiced up some great value pizza sauce with fresh onions and garlic and used that for our marinara. Boyfriend likes all the things and I’m simple with cheese and olives. Anywho. Once you put your sauce and toppings on it, toss it in the oven for about 10 minutes to let the cheese melt and toppings warm up- it’ll even brown your crust a little.

And BAM! Homemade pizza! I hope y’all enjoy!

Let me know your favorite toppings and maybe we’ll give them a try! 🙂



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