Baked Chicken Teriyaki


It’s only Monday. Oh geeze, it’s only Monday. I’ve been trying to write this post since last night. I sat down and went to open up my photos to edit them and they were gone. Everything. But, then they were back, and my computer locked up. I’ve had issues with this hard drive for a while now, so I spent 3 hours swapping things over to another one. By the time I was done, I decided that I’d rather watch Doctor Who instead. Can you really blame me?

The other night, Michael went to hang out with friends since I was working, so I knew I’d need to make dinner for one that night. That being said, I’m sorry for the sub-par photos in this post. It was a race against the clock getting the chicken thawed and marinating before my shift started. Good thing this is so easy to make. Trufax.

When we go grocery shopping, we always grab a bag of frozen chicken breasts and plain tenders. They’re perfect for lunches, or quick dinners, and a bag of each will last us through a few meals. Not bad for $9 or $10 a piece. We’re getting down to needing groceries again, but I knew we had a few tenders left over, so I grabbed those quickly. They’re super small, so I thawed all four, and it was the right amount for dinner for me!

You really don’t need much to get bold flavor with such small tenders. I forgot to take a photo of the sesame oil that I used, but it’s in a little bottle with a yellow label, and you can get it at Kroger for $2.39, and it makes a WORLD of difference. Michael swears by it, and we now have 3 bottles at any given time in our cabinets.

Grab a ziploc baggie once your chicken has thawed and you rinse it in cool water (gross chicken juices need to go bye bye). You don’t really need to be precise with the amounts of each ingredient, but keep an eye on how much soy sauce you use (and garlic, unless you LOVE garlic like us). Even low sodium soy sauce is very salty, so you don’t need a whole lot.


Now that teriyaki sauce that I have in the photo is off the chain. Seriously. Y’all need it like yesterday. I found it at Kroger for about $4, and they had all different kinds, from sweet teriyaki (the one pictured) to spicy teriyaki. I need them all. I do still love my generic teriyaki sauce, so I use that mostly and save this one for special occasions. Dinner for one, for example.

Pour a little of this, and a pinch of that into the bag over the chicken. Since the pieces are pretty small, you don’t need a lot of the mixture to completely submerge the pieces. I think I used a 1/4 tsp of pepper, 1 tsp of ginger, 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs garlic, and a few tablespoons of the teriyaki since that was the main flavor. The ground ginger really adds depth to the flavor, and it gives it a little kick. Note that I didn’t add any salt – the soy sauce makes up for it. I promise. I also didn’t add the sesame oil until it was time to bake the chicken – I wanted it to be a standalone flavor.


Once in the baggie, shake it all up, and make sure that the pieces are covered. Bonus boyfriend and pibble in the background! I let mine marinate for about 5 hours, though you probably only need about 1 or 2.


Line a small baking dish with foil and pour a little of your sesame oil in the bottom. Add the chicken, but don’t use the marinade. I suppose you could, but I don’t like the idea of chicken juices all over everything, regardless of the cook time. I added some of my generic teriyaki sauce over them, and then some more sesame oil and the veggies. That sesame oil will caramelize with the teriyaki and keep the chicken tender and super flavorful.

I honestly had no clue how long to cook the chicken, or what temp I needed to cook them at, so I winged it. I started off with my oven at 350 (F), and when they weren’t done after 30 minutes, I bumped it up to 400, and let them cook for another 25 minutes. If you want some veggies, I’d recommend cooking them on the side and then adding them the last 10 minutes of cooking. they didn’t turn out bad, but they were a little overcooked and shriveled. Not optimal.


And BAM! All done and suuuuuper yummy. As usual, the house smelled amazing. I’m sure this’d be awesome with some rice… Maybe I’ll try that next!

Thanks for reading, folks! 🙂 Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday!